Sustainable Edge™

Sustainability Initiatives

As our name implies, sustainability is central to everything we do—from our investment process to our business operations. When we launched the firm in February 2013, we did so with the singular goal of becoming the leading sustainable asset management firm.

SICM has committed to integrating sustainability into our business practices, in respect to our employees and the communities we work, in as well as in our own operations. We considered sustainability factors in our office construction and operation, such as sourcing environmentally friendly furniture and fixtures, when available, using low VOC paint to improve indoor air quality, and encouraging employees to use low-emissions commute options by subsidizing public transportation. We additionally consider environmental and social factors in our purchasing guidelines and value diversity in our hiring decisions, both with respect to employees and independent directors on our board. In 2016, we became a certified B Corp. The B Corporation certification indicates that we have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. To become a B Corp, we underwent a series of performance and legal measures, including: an evaluation of our impact on stakeholders (e.g., workers, community, consumer and the environment), an assessment by B Lab staff, and the incorporation of sustainability into our mission and governing documents.

In addition to being a UNPRI signatory, SICM is involved with the following organizations:

CDP: SICM has been an investor member since 2013.
SASB: SICM is on the Advisory Council, the Standards Council subcommittee. John Willis (PM) is a member of the SASB Committee for Metrics Quality. The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is the leading sustainability standards organization, chaired by Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, and Mary Shapiro, the former chairwoman of the SEC.
INCR: SICM has been a signatory since 2014.
SIRAN: Bruce Kahn has been a member since 2008.
SIF: SICM has been a member since 2014. Bruce Kahn sits on the board of the US SIF.
B Lab: SICM became a certified B Corporation in January 2016.

Since the firm’s inception, SICM has written a range of research papers addressing ESG issues. These may be found here.