SICM and Responsible Investing

Sustainable Insight Capital Management (“SICM”) was formed in 2013 as a sustainable asset management firm. We manage equity portfolios on behalf of our clients based on our core duty to actinthe best interests of our investors and stakeholders with a view to create long-term, sustainable value. Our mission is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long-term. We believe responsible investing is core to our ability to satisfy our mission. We were founded on the belief that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can have a material impact on investment returns. Further, companies that successfully managematerial ESG risks and opportunities tend to create more resilient, higher quality businesses and are therefore better positioned to deliver sustainable value over the long term. As signatories to the Principles on Responsible Investing we are committed to the incorporation of ESG issues into our investment analysis, and our decision to operate on behalf of all of our stakeholders as B Corp signifies our commitment. The purpose of this policy is to outline SICM’s approach to integrating ESG assessments into our investment processes.

Investment Process

Responsible investing has been part of our investment process since our founding, and ESG has been an integral part of many of our investment strategies. All of our strategies incorporate ESG, which typically involves negative screening of certain industries or sectors or poor performers on various ESG metrics such as governance or emissions. In addition, we offer impact strategies that explicitly seek to invest in companies that we believe have a positive impact on society and their stakeholders, as measured through a variety of ESG metrics.


A core part of our mission involves responsible stewardship of our investments. All of our strategies vote proxies in accordance with sustainable or socially responsible investment policies, according to client preference where possible. These voting policies are based upon the core belief that proper management of ESG issues is crucial to the success of businesses today. In addition to voting sustainably, we believe in engaging with companies on ESG issues in order to help them address deficiencies and become leaders in this space. Often this takes the form of collaborative engagement led by third parties where we are able to support important initiatives


Our UN PRI Transparency Report, which describes our policies and progress on ESG issues is produced annually and is available to our clients upon request. Additional ESG information is also available to our clients upon request, including reports assessing the impact of our strategies, which is produced by our partner, Impact Cubed. Please feel free to reach out with questions on our RI Policy, how we work with clients, and any information you would like us to share.