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Institutional investment firm managing long-only public equities for the mainstream investor.

Moneyball and Money Management

"The historical approach to investment had been based on the highly subjective opinion of analysts and portfolio managers. We feel strongly that this approach is inherently flawed. When presented with compelling evidence of a purely objective approach, centered around statistical measurements like ‘Analyst Skill’, we became convinced that a method of systematic recruitment would result in more consistent outperformance over the long run. The system was adopted in full and purposely built to capitalize on Analyst Skill. The result is a highly disciplined, systematic, and scalable investment strategy designed to help achieve our clients’ alpha-generating goals."

Kevin Parker
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How We Work

Active & Passive Global Strategies

We provide asset owners a comprehensive suite of disciplined, systematic, and scalable investment strategies designed to help achieve their alpha-generating goals in U.S and International markets.

US Equity Active Mandate

Long Only versus S&P 500

Since, June 28, 2013

Global Equity Active Mandate

Long Only versus MSCI World

Since, June 28, 2013

US Impact Active Mandate

Long Only versus S&P 500

Since, Nov 30, 2020

US Equity

Long/Short, Market Neutral, Growth/Value, S&P/Russell

EAFE Equity

Long Only, MSCI EAFE

Emerging Markets Equity

Long Only, MSCI EM, China

Partnership & Customization

We successfully partner with asset owners and managers to create differentiated products that help clients with ESG and other long-term investment objectives across various investing strategies. Our US Impact Equity portfolio, which we co-manage with ESG data provider, Impact-Cubed, is a prime example of such a collaboration.

Impact Cubed

We also maintain a deep bench of hypothetical and model portfolios aimed at helping clients enhance existing products, create new ones and expand their equity sleeve. These include Emerging Markets, US Long/Short, China, and a range of other investment options.

Responsible Investing

We take responsible investing seriously. For more details, please read our Responsible Investing Policy. Here are some of the organisations that we have worked with:

SASB Carbon Disclosure Project B-Corporation Climate Action 100

Please read our Responsible Investing Policy

Our People

Meet The Team

A globally diverse and highly experienced group of individuals.

  • Kevin Parker

    Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager

    Milan, Italy

    40 years experience

  • Gary Spiropoulos

    Director of Portfolio Construction, Risk & Analytics

    Sydney, Australia

    22 years experience

  • Steve Roberts

    Director of Technology, Data Strategy & Analytics

    Brighton, England

    21 years experience

  • George Parker

    COO & General Counsel

    New York, US

    26 years experience

  • Sonia Bhatnagar

    Chief Financial Officer

    New York, US

    30 years experience

  • Jodie Jensen

    Business Development

    New York, US

    34 years experience

  • Jean W. Thomas

    Managing Consultant

    New York, US

    30 years experience

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